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SERVIMEDIC SPAIN is an start-up mainly devoted to sanitary transport and medical assistance services. Relatively new in the market, our company runs under the supervision and executive guidelines of highly experienced and professional advisers and managers of the segment.

Our priority resides in to provide innovative, professional and eficient answers to any kind of medical and/or sanitary requirements our customers might need. No matter whether these could imply terrestrial, aerial or any other kind of transport and/or medical equipment. Our focus and effort is to cover any medical necessities our costumers could urgently need.

This means to adjust our medical answer to real customer's case with the required medical and sanitary equipment, with the higher quality means and equipment. Which can be directly translated as confidence and tranquility for our dear costumers.

In order to balance the inherent equation between service, quality and costs, we have invested a high amount of time and resources into our own solution. And today, we can assure you that we can provide you with the best and high quality medical and sanitary services in the specialized market.


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